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Pet Name : Andre (please look at Magic Mike's listing, too)

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Andre July 2019

Andre now 1

Andre now 2

Andre now 3

Andre shaved 1

Andre shaved 2

Andre shaved 3

Andre before 1

Andre before 2

Andre before 3

Category: Dog
Andre (please look at Magic Mike's listing, too) --- Schnoodle (?) Poodle-Schnauzer mix

Special Needs:




Not Sure






15 pounds

Andre is one of the Nashville, GA, puppy mill dogs that TBDR rescued. He can to us very underweight, so matted he could not even bend his front legs(!), with black/green teeth and afraid of everything after living in a suspended cage (probably all his life).

After being shaved for about 3-4 hours, he went to his foster home that night and had probably what was his first bath ever the next day. Despite being fearful, he had a companion dog, Magic Mike, that came in with him … and having each other has really helped them to help build confidence.

It has taken a lot of time and patience, but he has become a lively, bouncy and loving dog. While he’ll not always come right up to you, he does respond to his name, occasionally will take treats and wait beside the bed for you to pick him up. Once he is in bed with you, he is the most relaxed and loving dog you could ever want. And he’ll sleep with you from about 9PM-8AM, without making a sound.

Andre is pretty close to being housebroken. He has had no leash training and will require a patient home with a fenced yard and another dog. He needs someone who is home all day and up to the challenges of acclimating a puppy mill dog. He is not going to be suitable for a home with children.

Ideally, Andre will do best in a home with Magic Mike, as he is very devoted to him. Even though there are other small dogs in his foster home, these two are never more than about a foot apart,

Andre has been neutered, vaccinated, wormed and micro chipped. He has no heartworms and his teeth have been cleaned. His adoption fee is $250.00, less than the cost of his teeth cleaning alone. (The fee for both him and Magic Mike is $400.00, still less than the cost of his dental!) Please contact Lorraine at 850/893-7634 (9AM-9PM only) for more information.

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Lorraine  (View my listings)

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