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Pet Name : Gavin

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Freedom ride

Category: Dog
Gavin --- Cattle Dog/Border Collie mix

Special Needs:









Looks & acts like a Blue Heeler & possibly Border Collie mix. He is a beautiful! He Had embedded collar removed from neck just before I got him as a foster & it has healed beautifully. AT first He Didn't want touching anywhere of any kind! Making progress. Still ducks head if approach is over his head... BUT now comes mostly when called (if not so engrossed in what he is doing & is able to hear you call...)& allows petting & ear rubs . Still very skittish & somewhat mouthy. Has high pitched bark. He likes his crate & likes it being in a room separate from the other dogs most of the time. Tries to play with other dogs but seems unable to adjust his energy level to the other dog & is too "bitey". None of my other dogs like him. He ignores the lip raising of the terrier but doesn't actually pester him like he does the larger dogs. At this point he appears to be best suited as an only dog. He enjoys "herding" the equines through the fence & of course enjoys barking at significant goings on. He is wanting more attention and accepting it eagerly now. He is ok on a leash with the harness BUT is Still paranoid about collar & hates having his harness "grabbed" even in slow motion... Gets carsick & has also upchucked during transport . Will probably do better with ginger &/or "Benadryl" & going to pleasant fun interesting places ( not the vet!). He has made fairly rapid progress overall & is too cute for words pics do not do him justice!

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Rhonda  (View my listings)

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