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Pet Name : Fluffy & Fuzzy

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Fluffy 1

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Fuzzy 1

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Fluffy & Fuzzy

Category: Dog
Fluffy & Fuzzy --- Spaniel/Lab mix

Special Needs:










50 lbs

Update 5-9-17 This is a hard post to make Fuzzy has lost her life to cancer of the spleen. She had a growth that had spread to her bladder. It was a difficult decision to let her go but with her age removing her spleen and not knowing how much of the bladder was affected we had to consider her quality of life. Fluffy did not take this very well and would not even go outside to potty but finally on day 5 she ate a little. She is not happy yet but she is eating and going outside by herself. Please keep her in your prayers as she adjust to being without her sister. Update on Fluffy and Fuzzy. They will be 14 years old this March and Fluzzy is starting to show her age. We have decided to let them live their life out in foster care, worried that if we adopt them out and Fluzzy passes away, Fluffy will not adjust to a new home and the loss of her sister. We will be leaving them on the website in case anyone would like to make a donation to help off set some of their everyday expenses such as heartworm and flea prevention, plus their shots will be coming due again in a couple months. We hope everyone will understand we have to think about what if best for the dogs. These sweet girls were adopted out as puppies and are now finding themselves looking for that forever home again. They are sweet gentle girls that get along with anything and everything. They are calm perfect house dogs. They must go together and are each others shadow. Their adoption fee is $200 for the pair. They are both spayed, current on vaccines, heartworm negative and microchiped.

Foster Parent: 

Dee Ann  (View my listings)

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