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Pet Name : Tarabelle

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103.1 Wolf





Category: Dog
Tarabelle --- American Bull mix

Special Needs:










Hello! I am so glad you are here looking for a new forever dog! GUESS WHAT!!!! I am a dog who needs a forever home!  My name is Tara (Tarabelle as my foster mom calls me) and I am 5 years young. I was adopted out of the shelter when I was about  5 months old. I have lived my whole life with an older man, whom I loved. Unfortunately he has some significant health issues that he is dealing with and just can't care for me any longer. He made the selfless decision to give me up so I could have the chance at a better life. He loved me very much and you can tell. Not to toot my own horn but I am told that I am a WONDERFUL dog!  Let me tell you all about how awesome I am.....I love to take walks, bellyrubs and cuddling on the couch, oh and more bellyrubs please. Like never stop, ok!?  I just wants to be near my people and I have the most beautiful pittie smile plus a heart shaped nose!  I am a knockout if I may say so! In addition to my love of belly rubs I love to give and get kisses and I do this little happy wiggly dance when you scratch my backend. I mean who wouldn't, am I right!? I love everyone I have met, I have this little trick I do to melt their hearts and get a big Awwwww out of them, I put my head down and slowly put my paw up to meet you, then add a little sprinkle of the puppy eyes and wrapped around my big paw they are . Trust me its adorable and works every time! You should try it!  I didn't get out much, so I can be a little nervous at first with new things but then "I'm like I got this" pretty quickly.  I am working on basic manners, and doing ok with sit, lay down, come and waiting at thresholds.  My foster mom is trying to make me more comfortable with this thing called a crate but I am not so sure.  I mean who needs that when I am perfect in the house, I don't chew or destroy things, except maybe my own toys. :)   Oh and I really need a lifetime supply of Wubba's cause that is the best toy ever made!!!  So yes we have to talk about my size (insert eye roll), I am 85 pounds but I am on a diet and getting more exercise.  I know by the looks of me you would think I am food motivated but I am not in the least so that has made training a little bit more of a challenge for my foster mom. Hehehehe But I do loooooves attention so that helps! I loves to run in the yard and chase toys and play keep away! Of course that seems to be frowned upon in this household. ;)        My FOSTER MOM's two cents........"As for other dogs, again, I don't think Tara has ever been around other dogs. She did great at the vet when we were in lobby with another dog, I was able to get her to lay down. (See how great I am) No barking, just a little whining as to say hello. (I was just being polite).  I have her separated from my personal dogs and are slowly working on intros. Will update as I know more.  Also, I was told that she is kid friendly, just a big dog so can be overwhelming to small kids. I do not personally have kids but will be investigating this and will update. She can be mouthy to play at times but very soft and gentle about it, never aggressive  and I am not encouraging this behavior."  Oh yeah and my FM says I am spayed (glad that's behind me), housebroken, microchipped and up to date on vaccines.  Tara really is an all around happy girl who deserves to be spoiled and will love you forever!  Call to meet this special girl!  

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